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Founded in 2008 as The Write Impression by print journalists who sensed change was in the air, TWI has spent the last decade building a reputation as a leading Communications and Digital Marketing Agency.

Our professional but friendly team of copywriters, PR professionals and digital marketing experts bring together expertise across all mediums while retaining the invaluable knowledge, creativity and contacts from our founders’ 30 years of experience in media and marketing.

Together, we can deliver creativity, innovation, quality, and those all-important results.


Managing Partner

Kate has worked as a copywriter and marketeer for more than 30 years and founded TWI in 2008. Rarely known to finish a sentence, Kate’s head is full of creative ideas, exciting plans for the business and very, very bad jokes.

Kate is obsessed with new technology and loves to be the first to try new tools and techniques in digital marketing and analytics. She has been working with start-up businesses as a trainer and mentor through the Colchester Business Enterprise Agency (Colbea) for more than 15 years and is passionate about supporting enterprise. TWI is a Colbea sponsor and in 2019, Kate will join the Colbea board as a non-executive director.

Outside work, when she’s not out ticking things off her bucket list, Kate can usually be found with her head in a book, eating cake, or at the gym (due to all the cake).

Loves: Travelling, reading, dog walks, football

Hates: People who never finish a



Agency Manager

Janice joined TWI in 2014. In her role at the helm, she uses the experience she garnered during her twenty-one years working for the Home Office to help keep everyone organised! We can’t talk about her job at the Home Office, but she is getting better at not introducing herself as Walker, Janice Walker, and the number of ‘disappearances’ of clients with outstanding accounts is gradually reducing. So, it’s all good!

Janice’s passion is writing, and besides the wonderful people she works with, the favourite part of her job is learning about new clients’ businesses and understanding their brand.

When she is not at work, you will find Janice traipsing across fields with her mad German Shepherd Dog, running around after her fabulous family, in the gym, snuggled up on the sofa losing herself in a book or movie, or at the theatre dreaming of becoming a Thespian.  

Loves: Travelling, Dancing, Laughing, and ticking things off her Not Kicking the Bucket List

Hates: Arrogance and people who don’t realise that it is, indeed, all about Janice!



Account Manager

Nikki returned to our team three years ago as an Account Manager, having been the first ever employee of TWI in 2009. You would be hard pressed to meet a bigger perfectionist, but this is only driven by her enthusiasm to achieve the greatest results for our clients. She enjoys immersing herself into the industries our clients operate in to fully understand the marketplace. Through this, and an aptitude for writing, she is able to effectively engage with target audiences, drive thought-leadership campaigns and even stumble across business development opportunities.

Much to the envy of her colleagues, she has the metabolism of a teenager! If she’s not tucking into her snack drawer at work (or winning the ‘bin of sin’ at the end of each week), you’ll find her spending time with her beautiful family with a compulsory pit-stop at one of Suffolk’s many wonderful independent cafés. Her excuse is she needs the energy to run around after her two-year-old son and labradoodle that is still mistaken for a puppy! 

Loves: City breaks, summer, Lotus biscuits and lie-ins (now past tense!)

Hates: Seafood and mice



Copywriter and Account Manager

Old before his time (his office nickname is Benjamin Button), Andrew fell into commercial copywriting nearly a decade ago when he met Kate at a local writer’s group.

Andrew could be described as creative, although often in a kind way when humouring another of his ‘great’ ideas, and therefore likes to keep his desk in a constant state of organised chaos.

Away from the office, Andrew loves football, cricket, cooking, reading and a few other things too.

Loves: Lego, TV, sunbathing, sports

Hates: Mushrooms, washing up



Digital Manager

After obtaining a First Class Honours in Management and Mathematics, Tristan met Kate through an internship at a local business advice agency. Following a subsequent year working for some of Australia’s leading digital companies – including Google – Tristan returned to TWI to continue honing his digital strategy and coordination skills.

Tristan now prides himself on his general business acumen, digital savviness and ability to bring your brand to life online.

Loves: Volunteering at the local cat sanctuary.

Hates: Cats



Account Manager

Becca is the youngest member of the TWI family, (as she keeps reminding us), and used her event management skills to help TWI plan a number of trade shows for a client back in 2017. Fast forward two years, Becca is now an Account Manager and applies skills learnt at university and experience working for a global tech company in London to lead a number of projects, covering social media and content marketing. 

Loves: Her dog Molly, gym sessions followed by cocktail sessions, girls’ holidays and travelling to new countries. 

Hates: Anything that flies, including planes (you will know if you’re ever stuck next to her on a Ryanair flight), oysters and people who scrape their plates. 



Account Manager

Ella joined the TWI team in 2019, having spent the previous four years at turf equipment manufacturer, Ransomes Jacobsen. She has worked on some exciting marketing and PR campaigns including promoting the company’s ‘supplier’ status at The 2018 Ryder Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympic golf event. Since joining TWI, Ella says that she has enjoyed the challenge of learning about new industries, working with fantastic clients and sharing ideas with talented colleagues. 

In her spare time, Ella plays football for a local women’s team and occasionally goes along to support her favourite team, Colchester United. She also plans to complete the Three Peaks Challenge in 2019, so is currently enjoying long walks in preparation for it! 

Loves: Sport, Travel, Most food 

Hates: Bananas, Coffee, Being hungry 



Marketing Coordinator

Poppy joined TWI in summer 2019, on a year’s Internship from her BA degree in marketing at the University of Portsmouth. 

After studying for two years at the Fashion Retail Academy, Poppy found a passion for all things PR and marketing and took the plunge to undertake another four years’ work to gain a BA in marketing.  

When she’s not studying, Poppy has the travel bug and in the last two years she has holidayed in New York, California and Greece. She says she is planning to revisit California next year, but she hasn’t seen her TWI payslip yet. Yarmouth maybe Poppy?

Her career low so far was working at a fashion industry charity event which involved walking around with a giant button on her head. We are pretty sure we can beat that low in her time with us.

Outside work, you’ll find Poppy hanging out with friends and family, paddle boarding and shopping.

Loves: Travelling, food, sun worshipping

Hates: Peas (she doesn’t understand the point)


We believe in getting the groundwork done to really understand you, your brand, your customer base, and what you really want from your marketing. We listen, learn and work with you to set out specific goals and measures that work with your business, from the sales team to the boardroom.

We keep our promises and deliver results.

Thats why 90% of our work comes through recommendation.


Every business is different, which is why we perform a comprehensive marketing review, including a competitor analysis before we propose how our services can be tailored to suit you, your business, and what you want to achieve.

Our team of experienced writers and creative minds works collectively to provide inspired ideas, engaging communications and creative campaigns, meeting the requirements of its extensive portfolio of clients across all industry sectors including construction, energy, IT, facilities management, professional services, telecommunications, hospitality and manufacturing.

The most important thing to know about us is that we are passionate about our work and driven to achieve the best possible results for our clients. What could we do for you?

TWI is a PR, Copywriting and Marketing Agency based in Brantham, Manningtree, working with clients in Essex, Suffolk, London and beyond.


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