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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this FAQ Guide is helpful. Contact us on 01473 326907 if you have more questions. 
Why do I see my competitors in the press but not my organisation?

Media coverage doesn’t just happen; you need to be creative and have a plan. If you want to see your business in the press on a regular basis, it is vital to have a good PR and communications strategy in place and get your news out there as soon as it happens.

A retained press and communications plan allows us to put a media strategy in place which maximises your budget, allowing us to regularly deliver news stories at the optimum time to achieve maximum impact. It also allows us to build up editorial relationships on your behalf leading to journalists asking us what your business is doing next.

Why do I need a media strategy?

Raising and maintaining the profile of your organisation is paramount to its success. Ensuring your latest news, such as contract wins, product/service launch, charity events, and staff news are reported in the relevant trade press and media titles requires a time-bound strategy and we have structured and executed successful strategies for companies ranging from SMEs to global corporations.

media strategy enables you to plan, measure and evaluate, ensuring your marketing spend is delivering and evolving alongside your business.

How do you guarantee Press Releases will be used?

A press release only does its job if it is actually published. Our Press Release Guarantee comes from a confidence in the quality of our writing, our experience in understanding what is newsworthy, and our editorial contacts and distribution systems. Our strategy is simple:
– We undertake careful research and deliver creative ideas
– We write good quality press releases that editors can use as ‘page ready’
– We write about newsworthy topics
– We send them to the right media contacts (using a global media database)
– We follow up and negotiate on your behalf

Why hire a professional copywriter to write your web copy?

When you are presenting your organisation to the world via a website, you may be too close to home to write objective copy. You may also struggle to find the time to complete the task. We want to help make sure your website represents the best of your business, and an outside perspective can really uncover the true selling points of your organisation, its products, services and people. We also spend time keeping ahead of search engine optimisation requirements, so you have a website that reads beautifully whilst working hard for you. Read our article on the latest Google algorithm here.

Your website is your opportunity to give the best first impression to prospective clients, so it needs to be written in your brand voice and tone for authenticity, accurate and grammatically correct for credibility, SEO optimised for improved ranking, and demonstrate what sets you apart from your competitors for improved conversion.

After the research and interview process, we write quickly, efficiently and effectively. Meaning you get first-class copy with a speed of turnaround which surprises our clients, without compromising on quality. When we start a website copy project, we give you a timeline from start to completion – usually two to four weeks.

Where do I start if I need a new website?

We work with web-developers and designers to bring you a turnkey solution at a price that fits your budget. Whether it is a simple brochure website or a state-of-the-art interactive customer experience you seek, we can make it happen to your budget and timeline.    

Do you just work in East Anglia?

We may be based in the countryside, but we work with clients across the UK, and our client base also includes multi-national organisations with bases in the US, Asia, UAE and Europe.

Our tranquil rural base on the Suffolk/Essex border helps our creativity blossom whilst leaving us within easy reach of national transport links to enable us to work with companies across the UK. Technology plays a big part in ensuring we are in regular communication with our clients, along with face to face meetings across the country.
Our rural location helps us provide top-class PR, marketing and communications at affordable prices, with rates significantly lower than city-based firms.

What makes a news story?

News isn’t just about the front page; it is anything that makes an informative story or interesting reading – after all, billions of words are published every day. You may have an event, expansion, new product launch, staff member, or have just secured a new or interesting contract and want to shout about it. The opportunities are endless – and it’s our job to create and identify these opportunities for you.

How do you find media contacts?

Our aim is to place the organisation, its expertise, services and successes at the forefront of the market through relationships with journalists and editors in online and offline press and print. Our aim is always to write engaging, ‘page ready’ content with a guarantee that every press release we write will be published. Our press release package can include discounted distribution through Business Wire – a fantastic news syndication service that will reach a global audience and enhance your online profile exponentially. We also guarantee that every press release we write will be published.

We use a leading media database to research and tailor exclusive media lists and build relationships – giving us instant access to more than 1.8 million UK and global journalists, bloggers and industry influencers. 

Are your services available on an ad-hoc basis?

Yes. All of our services are available on a one-off basis. We can deliver a one-off press release to celebrate a product launch or a charitable event, new or updated web copy, or an e-newsletter. Take a look at our full list of services.

However, if you enjoy the benefits of press coverage gained from a one-off splash, just imagine how a regular press and communication plan can have a positive effect on your business on a more regular basis. We offer bespoke plans to allow our clients to have the press coverage and communications they need and allow us to plan ahead to gain you more significant coverage over a wider range of mediums.

Do you cover a combination of local, national and trade press?

We have vast experience working with clients of all shapes and sizes across a huge variety of industries. We are just as comfortable dealing with an international launch as finding a local audience for your press release.

Through our live media database, we have direct access to almost every journalist and editor in the world, we can track online influencers, and we have fantastic contacts within the trade press, enabling us to place your business in the most influential publications for your target audience. Often, we will write a national or trade press release and use an edited version for regional press for greater effect.

Can you manage my Social Media?

Social media can deliver incredible ROI, instant customer engagement and long-term brand awareness. Our social media strategies are bespoke and designed to offer maximum engagement and profile for your brand. Working across multiple platforms, we shape each stream to suit its medium and its audience. As well as writing and posting, we can engage with your followers on your behalf, design and run promotions, place and monitor advertising and deliver full analytics at the end of each month.
As with all our work, you’ll get a monthly report for each channel, in a clear dashboard so you and your stakeholders can see the full picture. 

What digital marketing services do you provide?

As a digital marketing agency our services cover SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay-per-click), re-marketing, social media, content marketing, online PR, website design and development. From blogging to video content, webinars to digital publications we can help you choose the right digital marketing services to benefit your business.

Can you work with our in-house teams?

Yes, we can, and yes, we do. We can handle all facets of your communications, but we are happy to work with your in-house marketing team as an add value service. We work hard to utilise the resources at our disposal to make the maximum impact on your business.

You may find we have knowledge, resources or ideas outside those already held within your team and together we can take your press, marketing and communications to ‘new levels’.

Is a newsletter really an effective marketing tool?

Do you underestimate the power the humble newsletter or e-newsletter?  An e-newsletter gives you the power to reach the owner of every business card you’ve ever collected, every client you’ve ever worked with past or present (an old client is a hot lead) – in short, a hot audience for your business with stories which represent the best of your business, with low costs. Offers, new products, anything you’re proud of.

We don’t buy in data; we focus on contacts who are interested in what your business has to say. Our average open rates are much higher than the industry standards, because we focus on quality of content, and providing your recipients with information they are actually interested in, rather than a sales pitch.

Do publishers really use press releases?

Editors are under increasing pressure to source good quality news and images. We know exactly what editors are looking for and make sure your press release is interesting, concise and well written, with great images so it will be noticed.

Why should I choose TWI?

We are a team of highly experienced published writers with many years of commercial experience. TWI was founded on our belief that companies can do so much more with words than they realise. Our services are professional, easy to use and offered at very competitive rates – and we guarantee that every press release we write will be published.

Our range of services includes PR and mediacopywritingdigital marketingdesign and branding and consultancy. From industry press releases and relevant social media posts to complete event management, we can help your organisation to raise its profile, increase its profitability and stand above your competitors. Get in touch to find out more.

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