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Social media trends for 2023

Social media trends are always changing, from monthly micro trends to front runners that become a part of consumers’ lifestyles.

BeReal Taking The Center Stage

The biggest shift we have seen over the past year is the growth of authentic and unedited content, from both businesses and creatives on the b2c and b2b markets. With the rise of BeReal the social media platform in 2021, the app saw an average of 3 million active users per day which shows the importance in authentic real unedited content from brands for audiences across generations.

The hidden focus on BeReal is the transparency of the content posted for consumers that there are no secret hashtags or advertisements on the platform, just real pictures with no filters and editing from the exact time posted. Enabling users to genuinely connect to content on the app instead of thinking twice on the motive behind the post.Businesses that are on the app such as Rare Beauty give their target audience and customers the chance to see truly real photo content that would otherwise not be approved for the world to see, such as laptop screens or caffeine choice of the day vs atypical behind the scenes video or professional video campaign. Using such social media apps in an unfiltered transparent light is a brilliant way to market and brand your business as it can connect your company ethos and values straight to your audience.

“The premise of BeReal aligns with our brand ethos; we aim to break down the unrealistic standards of perfection, and we sawthis platform as an opportunity to bring this to life while also meeting our community,” Ashley Murphy, senior director for consumer marketing at Rare Beauty.

Audiences are preferring to see real and relatable social media posts that can make them connect to the brand or person, resulting in the likeliness for a lead and even conversions. For example when a brand uses social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram to engage with their customers by replying to their comments and re-sharing their followers’ content via stories and posts, as well as posting longer vlogs with an authentic story telling technique vs the copy and paste script style. This results in the customers feeling gratification as a brand they support is supporting them, whilst on the other hand the business is receiving free content to use across multiple marketing mediums and social media channels with real unedited images giving them the opportunity to expand their target audience more.

User Generated Content

Multiple industries marketing can be benefited from collaborating with creators to reach new audiences, generate more engagement and strengthen social communities via social media platforms. This trend will continue to soar in 2023 due to its diverse element and the opportunity for businesses to find and connect with creators that work in their target market of consumers.The key for brands to hop on board this trend will be looking within their current audience and customers, giving them the chance to use already loyal followers of the business that will be thrilled to create content that is aligned with their values and core vision.


The Metaverse has been proved to stand out for all the right reasons across multiple industries for its topical talking point in 2022 and will continue to grow in 2023. Key trends under this social platform is virtual stores, NFTs, VR and AR that are all on the lines of creating experiences for brands. Such as Ferrari launching their new GTB model to the Fortnite online community before making its physical debut and Blooming Dales launched a fully interactive virtual store during NYFW last year, both of these examples show that when businesses adapt to the changing technical landscape and include these new areas into their marketing strategies, it can drive traffic and introduce new KPI’s that can be a source of revenue down the line.

Social Media Use For Customer Service and Brand Responsibility

Hear us out, this may sound odd but the shift towards the transparent and authentic landscape brands are thriving from, is all down to being honest and real with your audience. So when brands such as Starbucks are using social media as a platform for customer service by addressing responses publicly, it not only makes life easier for customers by shortening response times but it also gives your brand the chance to grow as social media users do not want to be ignored. Navigating this trend can be as simple as dedicating time to search through brand mentions daily and interact in any conversations even if the brand is not tagged, this gives an opportunity for brand recognition and creating a tone of voice that can be implemented in various marketing tools.Another key front runner for social media trends under the umbrella of social media use for customer service, is brand responsibility. Again, this falls under the trend of authentic content and brand transparency in a more addressed fashion.We all know that conversations based around social and corporate responsibility are not new to 2023, however the topic of brands being open about their ideologies and how they can give back to society is on the rise amongst both b2b and b2c. Brands will need to be able to address social, environmental and global issues as a whole, by using social media channels to give insights on to their own programs and initiatives.

The best tip for navigating the social media trends to take the limelight this year would be to focus on a couple that you can fit in your marketing plan and do them right. Find out what works for you and your brand while paying attention to your audiences. For personalised advice on how to boost success of your own digital marketing through social media get in touch with our team at TWI today.